Beginners Guide to Mobile Gaming

Guide to Mobile GamingMobile games are video games played on a phone (smartphone) and similar devices PDA, smartwatch, tablet, portable media player or even calculator. The earliest known one being Tetris. Mobile gaming can be very intimidating especially for beginners. This games easily became a hit since they reach a larger number of people (as opposed to the niche that play on console, everyone plays mobile games). Moreover, it is easier to develop than console games since it graphics are not as complex as those of console games. For bloon td and other mobile game development are for different mobile operating system such as the android, windows and ios. We realize that btd battles hacked apk is android raw files of the game. We’ve taken time to explain how the hack tool works.

What makes a Mobile game interesting?

As a beginner, it is imperative that you know factors that make a mobile game interesting to help you decide on the choice of the one to play. Some of these factors include:

Simplicity: This is very important in mobile games. It must be easier at the initial levels with harder-to-master levels. However, more important feature is that the gameplay should never ends. This will make you always come back to want to want to play more without ever getting bored.

Ease of attaining new rewards, levels and freebies: This is equally important. At some point in playing a game, the only zeal that keeps you going is the presence of rewards, coins, more interesting levels etc. by getting this easily, you will be able to unlock and unleash features that will make the gaming experience a mesmerizing one.

Others are:

Story: While some want their game to be simple and endless, a game with an interesting story can go a long way to give you the experience you’ve ever imagined. Compelling story line combines two things. First is making you eager to know what’s going to happen in the next chapter and at the same time making you feel informed about the happenings and characters in the game.

Graphics: Gamers generally want to feel fully submerge in the game. Since we are discussing about mobile gaming, very good graphics is extremely important in making the characters and world come to life. This will also help to enhance your gameplay experience as a newbie.

Genre: This is equally important as it denotes or relates to the style of the scenes in the game. Of course, depending on the game, every one wants something bright and catchy.

Where to get Mobile Games

Mobile games are commonly downloaded from online app stores like Google Play Store (for android) and Apple Store (for iOS devices).  However there are other websites (paid and free) that this games can be downloaded from.

In April of 2016, NewsZoo released a global games market report showing that gamers worldwide generated total revenue of 99.6 billion USD in 2016 which is about 8.5% more that value in 2015.

And that makes the first time, mobile gaming will take a larger share than PC globally.

Mobile games have become huge business, and would soon be catching up with revenues generated by console games. Especially considering the recent introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) accessories and Augmented Reality (AR)